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Carmen Joyce

"The Hive Butler is something EVERY beekeeper should have in their toolbox! I highly recommend it for every season. I have both the closed ventilated lids and it’s proven to be invaluable for carrying honey or live bees. I always keep it in my vehicle when I do hive inspections. It’s made out of quality materials and isn’t heavy at all. It also comes with a sheet that gives ideas for how to use it in each season, which I loved! Highly recommend it!"

Bonnie Hill

“Our shipment came 2 hours after we collected 2 swarms from our own hives, but the next day we were called out for a swarm, and it was so so very much easier. The frame spacers wear great, it held everything in place. Not having to worry about hurting the queen was great. Will have to get extra vented lids, my husband want to leave a swarm for a day or so so they start drawing out comb and are less likely to leave. Our review is "Great product". Thank you.”

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 10.22.35 AM.png__PID:8f82ed1a-1e08-47e6-bffc-df40ea145d34

Guy East

“The hive Butler is an incredible invention that has saved me lots of work, has allowed me to better organize and allows me to have portable decapping and a convenient temporary storage facility. And to load those up in the truck or car is so convenient. It’s a wonderful idea created by some wonderful people to help the beekeepers in America. Thank you hive Butler and Tracy!”

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