Bee-ginner Bundle

A tote full of our favorite products to make your beekeeping journey easier!

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Bee-ginner Bundle Now!

Making beekeeping easier and more fun!

We remember those bee-ginner jitters.  Beekeeping isn't easy, so we've put together a Hive Butler tote full of our recommended tools and products to make your start easier and more successful!

What is included?

Bucket Honey Gate

An easy way to store your honey harvest is 5 gal buckets. Here's a honey gate for you to install in any food-grade bucket.

Honey Bottles And Caps

2 dozen 1-lb PET honey bottles with caps. Use these to help store your honey!

Bucket Strainer

Use this strainer to filter large particles out of your honey using a standard 5-Gallon bucket.

A Smoker And Fuel

Everyone needs one--and we selected our favorite fuel that burns slow and strong.

Hive Tool

There are lots of hive tools around. This is our favorite one--able to do all the things, without being too big or heavy. Hook, pry, chop, dice and julienne (okay, just kidding there). Try it out. I think you'll agree.

Bee Brush

The bee brush comes in handy, to help larger numbers of bees get off the edge of the boxes, or into boxes when that is necessary. Ours is a real horsehair brush, not a nylon bristle. Wooden handle, horsehair bristles.

Super DFM

A probiotic for bees! Improving and maintaining gut health can make all the difference.  With monthly treatment, you'll notice the difference.

Dessicant Packet

Use this packet to control moisture in your hives throughout the winter. 

Spacing Tool

Running 9 frames in your supers will make for bigger honey frames, and easier uncapping. BUT, they've got to be positioned correctly to prevent wonky comb. This frame spacer makes your life easier.

Queen Clip

The queen clip can save you a lot of trouble. When you see her, guide her in and keep her secure whether in a swarm or just wandering the frames.

Varroa Mite test kit

Don't let varroa mites ruin your bees.  Test regularly and treat.  It doesn't get easier than Easy Check.

A field Journal

Keeping records is critical to success. Rain-rite paper makes it work no matter the weather.


Great pictures, and instructional text from industry leader, Larry Connor.

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A smoker to keep bees calm when you're working in the hive. 
Pro Tip: Never set a hot smoker on your Hive Butler, it will melt the plastic!

Meet the Hive Butler ST!

Storage & Transport includes a tote with both the solid and vented lid. Use your Hive Butler no matter what the weather! Use the ventilated lid to do hive inspections, collect swarms or make splits. The solid lid is ready to tote and store--honey, draw-comb, new frames. Do it all with the ST! Free Shipping for continental US only. 

What are the benefits ? 

Hive inspections.  Making splits. Protecting queens and queen cells

Securely holds all sizes of frames, even those with swarm cells on the bottom.  Doesn't matter how you carry it.  Holds 10 Langstroth frames of any size.

Collecting swarms just got easy.

High or low.  Everywhere you need to go.  Throw in some drawn comb frames and collect swarms with ease.  Doesn't matter how you carry it.  You can hang on to the ladder with one hand now! No worries of bees getting lose in your vehicle either!

Frame management made simple

Leave your woodware in the yard, working.  Let the HB ST hold, store and transport your frames.   From construction to overwinter.  HB protects your investment.

Honey-It's heavy, messy treasure!

HB ST contains the mess and makes the sticky work go quickly!  Solid lid keeps pests at bay.  Heavy-duty construction for heavy work.

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