Beeginner Bundle

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The Bee-ginner Bundle

Hit the ground running with our favorite beekeeping tools!  

We want you to be armed with supplies that will make your first season go smoother.

No need to scour the internet

 We’ve gathered them for you, and saved you a ton of money too!

We’ve set you up for success with our favorite things:

  • Large smoker
  • 12 rolls of burlap smoker fuel
  • Our favorite hive tool, with the hook, the pry and the wide blade
  • Bee-sentials Field Guide from the experts at WicWas Press
  • Frame spacing tool, to make FAT honey frames
  • Honey gate, to put in your 5 gal bucket for easy honey storage/bottling
  • SuperDFM, from Strong Microbials.  Improving gut health/immunity for bees
  • Queen clip, to hold her if you need to
  • Varroa Check easy mite tester
  • Hive Inspection book, with rain-proof paper.  Keeping records makes a big difference.
  • 24 one pound Honey bottles with caps.
  • Bucket Sieve for 5-Gallon bucket.
  • Desiccant PMT
  • Bee brush with horsehair
  • The Hive Butler ST–food-grade, holds 10 Langstroth frames of any size, with the solid and vented lid, so it can work for you all year round.
*We always recommend the ventilated full suit.  The straw hat with veil is a great option for quick bee yard jobs.  Beekeeping is dangerous work.  Always wear PPE.