Hive Butler Spring Special:

The Swarm Saver.

For the first time this year, we're offering the Hive Butler Swarm Saver.

The Swarm Saver customizes the Hive Butler's unique frame tote for the purpose of collecting swarms.

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Hive Butler ST

Tote with Solid and Vented Lid

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Where Will We Bee?

  1. Mar 11

  2. Mar 17-18

  3. Jun 02-03


“The innovative Hive Butler is now my go-to tool for swarm catches and cut-outs at Tulip Tree Adopt-a-Bee. During swarm season, the vent-top Hive Butler is always in my car. Great company run by friendly people, too. Highly recommended!”

- John Paff

“I cannot express how wonderful this product is. It has cured so many headaches and hassles with my beekeeping. It's made my job a lot easier. The only thing better than the Hive Butler is their customer service. I really enjoy doing business with them. Great product, great people.”

- Kevin Woods

“LOVE IT!!Just want to say thank you for creating the Hive Butler. It made my inspection easier by keeping my girls warm, frames in order, and my Queen cells protected. The other beekeepers on site liked it as well. Thanks again!!”

- Melissa Natale

“Great piece of versatile beekeeping equipment !!”

- Sidney Jackson 

“I like this product makes it easier to carry and store frames. They also have great customer service.”

- David Purcella

“I used my first Hive Butler for a full beekeeping season last year and it came in handy for a variety of tasks, to include its main role of pulling honey. I got my second Hive Butler recently, and it's clear the company has continued to improve the product since it was introduced a couple years ago. I think most beekeepers will want one of these once the word gets out about how useful they are.”

- Eric Miller

About Us

The Hive Butler® is our family business.  We started with a simple concept;  creating a better way to store, transport, and manage our bee hive frames.  From there, we began a journey that is hard to believe.  Through hard work, perseverance, and a little luck we were able to produce and introduce the "Hive Butler".  We love it, we hope you will too.